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fire photoDuring an emergency, easy access to critical information enables volunteers to efficiently and confidently meet the needs of displaced pets and their people.  Our tools allow volunteers to focus on the safety and care of animals with a simple-to-use interface that works on laptops, tablets, and smartphones. 

The Emergency Pet Shelter Module was developed using funds from State Farm grants of $15,000 and $1500 from Central Vermont DART chapter.  To date the following functions are included:

  • Reducing time during the intake process
  • Documenting the care of all animals in the shelter
  • Providing summary reports of care a pet received to the owner
  • Tracking volunteer time

With additional funding we will add modules with the following functions:

  • Creating and managing to-do lists to guide volunteers when setting up a shelter and carrying out daily tasks, including maintaining the shelter throughout each phase of the operation and dismantling the shelter once operations are complete
  • Scheduling shelter shifts, receive volunteer confirmation for shifts, and sending reminder text for upcoming shifts
  • Managing local resources and contact information on partners
  • Managing supplies and maintenance plans
  • Generating reports for the team and for local, state and federal organizations

This solution will make information collection and dissemination as systematic and intuitive as possible standardizing volunteer emergency pet sheltering procedures.  With future funding we will add functions providing further training, guidance, and assistance to organizations for establishing safe protocols for each team.

Latest News

  • CVDART using Beta Shelter Module During the Relentless Flooding

    CVDART using Beta Shelter Module During the Relentless Flooding

    Live Beta Testing During Vermont Flooding Disaster in July, 2023. Six volunteers with the Central Vermont DART stood up a pet-friendly shelter in cooperation with the American Red Cross at the Barre Auditorium July 10.  Using the beta version of DARTCC's Shelter Module, they have been able to focus on the care of the pets and not the paperwork.
  • Chad Crume Appointed Technology Director

    Chad Crume Appointed Technology Director

    Chad Crume Appointed Technology Director DART Command Central welcomes Chad Crume as the new Technology Director.  He has been working with DARTCC providing guidance and leadership for the tech team for months.